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CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats for Dog

Giving your dog a treat is almost always easy, but a liquid tincture, may not be. This doesn’t necessarily mean that treats or chews are the best option when it comes to giving your dog a regular serving of CBD.

Let’s look at both CBD tinctures designed with dogs in mind and CBD dog treats to see what might be the best option for your best bud. 

CBD Pet Tinctures

CBD pet tinctures work similarly to the CBD tincture you might take yourself and are designed to be taken orally. So, one way or another, you’ll have to administer this liquid substance to your beloved canine. Some dogs might be happy to take anything new, not all dogs are happy about getting a foreign liquid down their throats. 

But you don’t have to give your dog a CBD tincture directly. Alternatively, you can add the desired serving size directly to their a tasty treat.

Most CBD pet tinctures are easy to administer in the desired amounts you want them to take directly from the dropper. Most CBD pet tinctures will come with recommended servings for dogs, but that isn’t true for every pet tincture on the market. 

Stephanie McGrath D.V.M., a veterinarian and assistant professor of neurology at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, conducted some of the first studies on CBD and dogs. In her preliminary research, she used 2.5mg per kilogram. In more recent trials, she’s used twice this amount. Dr. McGrath has also found some promising evidence that CBD may help seizures in dos.

The best advice when beginning your dog on CBD oil is: “start low and go slow,” says Casara Andre D.V.M, who founded Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting, an online resource for pet parents, professionals and businesses interested in using cannabis for pets.

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CBD Pet Treats

CBD pet treats or chews are something most dogs would be happy to make part of their regular routine. CBD dog treats offer an extremely convenient and easy way to give your dog a serving of CBD. Are they the best option to give your dog daily, though? That depends on the dog and how much CBD you would like to give them each day. 

For example, some dogs require special diets that don’t allow for the extra calories treats contain. They also might have dietary needs that make digesting the ingredients in the CBD pet treats difficult. 

Also, take into consideration your dog’s size. A 2mg pet treat might be fine for your Chihuahua but won’t have much effect on your Great Dane.

Which Is The Best CBD for Dogs? Treats or Tinctures? 

Which CBD product would your dog best benefit from? It all comes down to your pet’s size and individual needs. Giving dogs a tincture instead of a treat makes it easier to adjust serving sizes accordingly. Using a tincture really allows you to head universal CBD advice that suggests to “start low and go slow.” 

With a CBD tincture, you can adjust the serving size for your dog. With CBD dog treats, there isn’t that option. CBD dog treats are made with a specific serving size and adjustment could be tricky. Also, you may not want to offer treats as often as you want to give your dog CBD

Final Thoughts About the Best CBD for Dogs

In summary, then, tinctures are great for larger dogs or when you want to give only a specific serving. Treats are great for treat time and much more convenient.

In either case, always have realistic expectations. Preliminary research and clinical trials may have shown CBD can be helpful for dogs, but just as in humans, much larger studies are needed to fully understand CBD’s effectiveness for our furry friends. 

We recommend talking to your vet before giving your dog CBD as a tincture or a treat. When you do decide to go ahead, make sure the product you buy is third- party tested and has the lab results to prove it, as is the case for Edible Calm

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