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What are CBD products?

The meaning behind Edible Calm

The Edible Calm (EC) logo is the Akan Adinkra symbol, adwo, (pronounced ah-JO) for peace and calm. This Ghanaian logo signals EC’s primary interest in CBD for African Americans and CBD for the underserved. For example, in Los Angeles County, wealthier communities like Pasadena and West Hollywood are over-supplied with CBD shops, but by the time you get to poorer areas like Compton, the number thins out drastically.

EC is a relatively young company established in 2020, and as the company progresses, so too will the number of products. Although the present inventory is restricted to four products (CBD oil, CBD gummies [two types], and CBD soft gels), there are plans to include new CBD oil flavors and full-spectrum edibles. The primary aim of the site is not to make huge profits, which I can assure you is the goal of many brands, but to provide CBD edibles at a reasonable cost, so that communities and demographics that have been left out of the CBD revolution have a chance to join. We all know that businesses follow the money, hence going after affluent populations and their corresponding zip codes. The reason CBD companies charge so much money is that they can.

Should you try CBD products?

As a medical doctor for decades, I know only too well that powerful opioids, antidepressants, anti-arthritics, and anti-anxiety agents can have unpleasant side effects, such as sluggishness, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, overdose, and of course, death. We only have to look at the present national opioid catastrophe that has ripped families and communities apart. What happened was that in the 1990s, the drug companies began to push certain pain killers like oxycodone on doctors with the lie that they were not addictive.

OxyContin bottles on counter. Purdue pharma manufacturer has been in a legal battle on their influence in the opioid epidemi
Oxycontin/oxycodone tablets

In fact, oxycodone was very habit forming, and manufacturers such as Purdue Pharma were sued for the opioid epidemic. Patients who were prescribed these drugs post-surgery or following an injury found they were getting a very pleasant high, and needed more. But soon, their bodies became drug tolerant, and the highs they used to get were no longer present. Some of these addicted people then turned to heroin, which by itself is dangerous, but it is now laced with fentanyl, which is deadly. This is responsible for most of the OD deaths because the margin between getting high and getting dead is very narrow.

And yet, in 2017, there were a staggering fifty-eight opioid prescriptions written per one-hundred Americans, an unacceptably high rate. I’m glad to be able to say that as a doctor, I never wrote a single prescription of oxycodone. In some cases of acute pain, ibuprofen does a better job, in any case, but then ibuprofen and similar NSAIDS have problems of their own, e.g., they can affect the kidneys and cause gastric bleeding. Clearly, we have some issues with the safety profile of pain killers of all types, whether the narcotic type of non-narcotic.

This is why both doctors and patients seek alternatives with little or no safety hazards. For many people, one such alternative is CBD edible products in the form of CBD gummies, CBD oil, soft gels, drinks, cookies, and so on. Although it might seem that CBD is a “new” phenomenon, people have used cannabis for millennia. One reason why CBD is now gaining momentum all over the world is that for some people, it may offer an alternative to treatment of conditions like pain and anxiety.

As of now, we need further research and medical trials to study the effectiveness of CBD in certain disorders, but CBD is so benign and without side effects in most cases that it’s almost always worth the try for conditions such as insomnia and anxiety, which have responded to CBD in some studies. If I didn’t believe it was safe, I wouldn’t recommend it, so explore the Edible Calm shop and try out one or two products as a start. You will very likely very soon discover your favorite!