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Smooth texture, light, and minty, USDA-certified organic CBD oil that tastes great by itself or in a hot or cold beverage

About Edible Calm

Hello, and welcome to EC!

Especially during these times, we need something to soothe our souls. The Edible Calm logo is the Akan Adinkra symbol, adwo, (pronounced ah-JO) for peace and calm.

As a medical doctor for decades, I’ve prescribed medications for numerous ailments. But many of these powerful opioids, antidepressants side effects, antiarthritics, and anti-anxiety agents have unpleasant side effects, especially the addiction that has tragically ruined so many lives while enriching the drug companies. there has to be a better way out!

For many people, the solution is CBD. I’ve found this to be the case not only for my patients, but also for some of my family members who suffered terribly from chronic back pain until Edible Calm CBD came along.

So I’d like to invite you to explore Edible Calm. Find out what could be your pathway to wellbeing!

Kwei Quartey, M.D.

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We take pride in creating high-quality products that you can trust.

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